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Springfield Armory Super Match M1A
04:51 min The M1A is gun to shoot at long distances.
Ruger 10/22 Takedown
04:37 min This Ruger rifle is both quick and easy to assemble and break down, and comes with its own carrying bag.
Stag Arms Model 7
04:36 min The Model 7 AR-15 rifle is perfect for hunting due to its versatility and accuracy.
Smith & Wesson's Newest Rifles
04:41 min Smith & Wesson has teamed up with Magpul and Viking Tactics for their two latest rifles.
Ruger's 357 Mag Revolver and 77/357 Rifle
04:53 min Same ammo - Two different guns.
Stag Arms 3Gun Rifle
04:18 min The Stag Arms 3G model is ready for a 3Gun competition right out of the box, with a match trigger and muzzle break compensator.
Smith & Wesson's 300 Whisper
04:39 min The S&W 300 Whisper M&P15 rifle handles both the .300 Whisper cartridge and the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge.
The Ruger American Rifle
05:01 min This 100% American-Made hunting rifle is all about accuracy.
Stag's Model 1L
04:39 min Stag Arms offers a true left-handed AR rifle.
Sig Sauer Rifles - Big, Bigger and Biggest
05:49 min Sig Sauer's feature-heavy rifles - the M400, the 516 Patrol and the 716.
Stag Arms Model 8
05:02 min Stag Arms introduces the Model 8: An affordable piston-driven AR-15 rifle.
Exclusive Firearms from
04:35 min Lipsey Guns offers exclusive, special edition firearms like the Glock Gen3/Gen 4 in Flat Dark Earth.
Magnum Research's MLR22AT Rifle
04:11 min This 10/22 from Magnum Research offers an ambidextrous thumbhole stock with graphite bull barrel.
Stag Arms Model 3
05:03 min This entry level AR-15 rifle is great for the whole family.
The Tommy Gun and M1 Carbine
04:08 min Own a piece of history with these two rifles from Auto-Ordnance.
Zombie Prep with Mossberg
03:03 min You may not have to battle zombies, but Mossberg has two shotguns and a lever-action rifle that will prepare you for anything.
Mossberg's Varmint and Predator Rifles
02:46 min The Varmint in .204 Ruger, and a shorter, more compact Predator, are bolt-action rifles that both use AR-15 style magazines.
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