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Springfield Armory XD Overview
06:39 min Springfield's introduction of the XD has changed the way striker fired pistols are made. Your options in purchasing an XD are almost endless!
A Varmint Rifle from Ruger
02:58 min A purpose built rifle perfect for Mr. Wile E. Coyote.
Spare Ammo
06:57 min Clint discusses what you need to know about carrying spare ammunition for self defense situations.
Sidearm for the Woods
01:28 min A lightweight 44 Magnum revolver is hard to beat for walking around in the woods. Jerry even adds some porting to control some of the recoil.
LaserLyte's Center Mass Laser
03:29 min The CM-15 displays a ring of green laser dots surrounding the center aiming laser for both rifles and shotguns.
What Comes with the XD Mod.2?
02:10 min This gun comes with a holster, double-mag pouch, mag loader, cable lock, and two magazines: a 13+1 round mag and the extended 16+1 mag in the 9mm, and a 9+1 round mag and the extended 12+1 mag in the .40 S&W. The XD Mod.2 is ready to go when you buy it!
Brownells Screwdrivers
03:35 min Every gun nut should have a set of Brownells screwdrivers. They are designed by gunsmiths specifically for use on guns -- it does matter.
CC1: Shot Placement
01:44 min A segment from Gun Talk’s “Conceal Carry 1 with VATA Group” DVD.
FPD: Man Tries to Set Girl on Fire
13:56 min In this episode of First Person Defender, our Defender finds his daughter being doused in gasoline be a stranger.
Make Your Own Go Bag
02:53 min sells much more than ammo - food, emergency supplies, flashlights, magazines, knives and more!
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