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Video Listings in Gun Safety

01:48 min A safety tip from Ed Head at Gunsite.
03:36 min Tom discusses the four rules of Gun Safety.
05:27 min Some sobering stories and unique views on Gun Safety from Clint Smith.
04:05 min A few safety tips unique to the AR-15.
04:41 min The various ways to store your gun properly.
03:19 min Gun Talk covers a great event put on all across the country, National Hunting & Fishing Day.
01:04 min Tom explains how to keep your firearms and ammunition cool in the hot sun - both a comfort AND safety issue
05:17 min Handguns are very popular, here are a couple safety tips specific for handguns.
01:04 min Safety rules still apply in a gun store.
03:11 min What are the safe ways to store ammunition? Gun Talk TV lets you know, it can be very easy to be very safe.
03:09 min Some of the considerations in transporting your guns and the correct way to secure them.
03:59 min Holstering a handgun is just as important as drawing a handgun. Smith & Wesson shooter, Jerry Miculek shows you the safe way to reholster your handgun.
04:10 min Gun safety is all about using your head. Gun Talk TV shows you some bird hunting safety tips.
01:11 min Gun Safety for BIG revolvers.
03:46 min Why you have to always wear eye and ear protection when shooting.
03:11 min Safety considerations of dealing with barrel obstructions.
02:09 min Some great tips on shotgun safety.
01:52 min Bryan Bilinski discusses hearing protection for shotgun shooting.
07:05 min Jamey Skousen takes you through the building of a Liberty Safe safe, from start to finish
01:55 min Tips on technique and safety if you plan to carry a gun in your pocket.
01:48 min Tiger McKee takes you through the steps of safe holstering
01:17 min A dummy gun or blue gun is a great way to practice at home safely.