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02:49 min Cory Trapp of Gunsite answers a common question from interested shooters.
05:59 min Top instructor, Clint Smith gives his opinion on Semi-Automatic vs. Revolver for Personal Defense.
02:27 min Should you carry your concealed gun loaded? Tom answers your question.
01:57 min People usually think handgun when they want a home defense weapon, but what about a carbine rifle? When mounted it is not much longer than a handgun stance.
02:58 min Clint Smith gives his opinion on using factory ammunition versus reloaded ammo for personal defense purposes.
01:33 min The J-Frame is one of the most popular revolvers Smith & Wesson makes. But it's small and requires the right technique and practice to hit your target.
01:35 min What should you do if you are carrying your gun and you get pulled over?
01:22 min VATA Training Group instructor, Destin Mounts shows us how to run an AK-47. To see more about VATA go to www.vatagroup.net!
07:05 min You asked about all the different types of semi-automatic handgun actions out there right now and here we tell you all about them.
01:23 min What should you load in your shotgun for home defense? We tested it and the results are in.
00:45 min Can you carry a gun in a post office?
01:09 min Where should you focus when shooting your handgun? What do you mean by front sight?
00:59 min Is one magazine all you need for your gun? Well as they say - "One is none."
02:39 min If you are going to buy a shotgun, you need to know the the difference.
02:07 min Also can you load your magazines to full capacity? Answers to these and other questions on magazines.
01:15 min The answers to your questions on our video Q&A.
01:08 min So you want your wife to learn to shoot. Where to start?
00:51 min Would you like to be a professional shooter?
01:00 min The kind way to close a double barrel shotgun.
02:50 min So your right handed, but left eye dominant. Should you shoot right handed or left handed? The answer may surprise you.
00:42 min Sure, semi-autos are the hot handgun type these days, but why would you buy a revolver. Some say "A Wheelgun is a REAL gun."
02:22 min Bryan Bilinski discusses shotgunning and wearing bi-focals.
02:19 min We answer your question on cleaning a Ruger 10/22.
02:04 min How to perform a speed reload for your revolver left-handed. Practice, practice.
02:17 min Using the Mossberg Mil-Spec shotgun we talk about what it takes to get the Mil-Spec rating.
00:46 min Here's a book every gun owner should own.
00:56 min How old is too old?
01:00 min Even with a few name changes, this cartridge is still one of the best around.
01:42 min Or should you just take it to a gunsmith? Rob Leatham gives his thoughts on working on your own gun.
03:00 min Your grip and stance may vary depending on what your situation. Here are a couple techniques for AR-15 shooting and the differences in the two styles.
01:09 min Where should you aim and more importantly, why?
01:55 min Is it legal to have a gun in an 18 wheeler?
01:11 min How does the scoring work on USPSA and what's more important - shot placement or speed?