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Whether you are new to guns or an experienced shooter, Gun Talk TV has something for you.

Video Listings in Getting Started

Getting started in firearms ownership and shooting can be difficult if you don't know much about it and you don't have any help. How do you know you are getting the right information? On Gun Talk TV we have put together lessons teaching you the basics on guns to empower you in getting started. Getting started in shooting or owning a gun can be intimidating and at Gun Talk TV you have experts to introduce you the right way. With these lessons you will have the confidence and understand the basics about guns. The fear factor is lessened and you can feel comfortable buying, handling, and shooting your gun. Once you start, you are sure to love it, and we have more advanced lessons for you to take advantage of in many different subjects.

04:45 min Teaching someone to use a handgun is something that you may do at some point and here are some pointers to include with the lesson.
00:45 min Tom Gresham welcomes you to Gun Talk TV.
03:36 min Tom discusses the four rules of Gun Safety.
04:05 min A few safety tips unique to the AR-15.
01:36 min What is the value of competitive shooting? Why would you participate in the shooting sports? We discuss.
02:06 min Find out why Tom suggests a bigger gun for beginners.
03:19 min Gun Talk covers a great event put on all across the country, National Hunting & Fishing Day.
01:04 min Tom explains how to keep your firearms and ammunition cool in the hot sun - both a comfort AND safety issue
02:37 min Team Springfield's Rob Leatham explains the importance of range time, in addition to your dry fire practice
02:00 min How to rack the slide on a semi-automatic handgun.
03:09 min CrossBreed Holsters' Mark Craighead discusses holster fit
03:09 min SuperTuck and MiniTuck holsters are both concealable AND comfortable
01:15 min Ryan explains how to know which ammo to use, and why it's so important
02:33 min Ray talks about the basics of trap shooting.
00:38 min Tom shows you the best way to ease your over/unders and side by sides closed
00:36 min A holster made for a woman's body.
01:34 min Cleaning a shotgun after use is important for its' longevity
01:39 min A lever action is a very versatile gun.
01:14 min Ryan Gresham discusses why you should use wadcutters for target practice
03:15 min Sig Sauer's Dave Grimshaw field strips an AR-15
02:58 min What is the best rifle for a beginner and what do you need to know when introducing someone new to shooting? Gun Talk TV shows you the right way to start a newbie to shooting a rifle.
03:31 min Choosing the right shotgun for someone new to shooting can make all the difference in whether or not they enjoy it and have success.
02:27 min Ruger rimrife pistols.
01:11 min These reactive targets from Action Target allow for close quarter live-fire training
02:21 min Handgun hunting is another way to participate in the shooting sports. But when are you ready? Here are some thoughts.
01:00 min Tom explains the benefits of buying your ammo in bulk.
00:41 min Trijicon's Tom Munson explains how to find your dominant shooting eye.
00:46 min Here's a book every gun owner should own.
02:19 min A tactical-looking Ruger 10/22.
01:00 min Whatever you choose to call this 9mm caliber, it offers less recoil, and is cheaper, than the .45.
01:15 min For the Open division in ICORE you'lll want to have all the tricks you can. Here's what Julie Golob uses.
02:48 min Take a tour of the Nosler factory as ammunition is prepared and sent out
05:31 min Shotguns are great for home defense - and Mossberg has a variety of them to choose from!
02:52 min Everyone talks about 9mm vs. .45 and which to choose. Rob Leatham chimes in with his thoughts.
01:17 min A tip for concealing your firearm in case you take your cover garment off
07:05 min Jamey Skousen takes you through the building of a Liberty Safe safe, from start to finish
01:00 min Tom discusses two high velocity cartridges from Weatherby - the .300 and the .416 - that have been around since the 50s.
02:26 min Fun at the range and in the field, these .22 rifles are great for training
02:04 min Rob Leatham shows how to properly field strip the new Springfield Armory XDS .45 ACP
01:20 min Tom discusses why it's important to shop your local gun store.
03:38 min Not just for smaller weapons, but smaller waist sizes as well!
04:10 min Introduction to shooting skeet, one of the most popular shotgun sports out there.
02:43 min Tiger McKee discusses the fundamentals of shooting
01:03 min This 9mm is a perfect pocket pistol!
01:29 min This AR-15 from Sig Sauer works for many different people due to the collapsible stock and ambidextrous mag release
05:37 min A quick tutorial on light transmission and your scope - It's not what you might think!