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Video Listings in Gun Talk

02:49 min Cory Trapp of Gunsite answers a common question from interested shooters.
01:19 min Another reason why the 1911 is still popluar today. It just fits most hands.
05:27 min Some sobering stories and unique views on Gun Safety from Clint Smith.
03:04 min Rob Leatham shows off the 9mm and .40 compact XDms from Springfield Armory
03:19 min Gun Talk covers a great event put on all across the country, National Hunting & Fishing Day.
02:31 min World Champion, Rob Leatham from Springfield Armory puts 90 shots through 9 different XD models consecutively.
04:42 min The Aimpoint Hunter Scope in zero magnification allows the hunter to move with the animal
03:09 min CrossBreed Holsters' Mark Craighead discusses holster fit
03:09 min SuperTuck and MiniTuck holsters are both concealable AND comfortable
00:51 min Would you like to be a professional shooter?
03:00 min Smith & Wesson's Governor revolver shoots .45 ACP, .45 Colt and .410 shotshell!
03:32 min Aimpoint's Roger Bell discusses the benefits of keeping both eyes open while using an Aimpoint optic, especially when hunting
03:14 min Ruger introduces a 1911 with upgrades - all made in the USA
01:34 min Cleaning a shotgun after use is important for its' longevity
01:39 min A lever action is a very versatile gun.
03:08 min Smith & Wesson's E-Series 1911s have many enhancements, including night sights
01:14 min Ryan Gresham discusses why you should use wadcutters for target practice
03:21 min Smith & Wesson's line of polymer pistols include the M&P and the SD
03:15 min Sig Sauer's Dave Grimshaw field strips an AR-15
03:26 min Sig Sauer introduces the Scorpion, the C3 and the 1911-22 to their 1911 lineup
01:11 min These reactive targets from Action Target allow for close quarter live-fire training
02:00 min Using Aimpoint's Micro T-1 and 3x Mag together allow you to shoot a short barreled rifle from distances of 3 feet to 500 yards
01:08 min Stop the madness.
03:14 min Big Dot sights are great for personal defense handguns and small pistols
03:35 min What makes a custom 1911 special? The custom shop at Springfield Armory can do almost anything you want to your gun.
04:01 min Ruger's newest AR - the piston driven SR-556E
03:24 min The P238, P232 and P290 are smaller pistols great for concealed carry
04:15 min Myles Waterman showcases two options for handguns: the HD Night Sights and the RMR
03:17 min This carrier holds an extra magazine and a flashlight for any situation
00:41 min Dry fire practice can improve your reload time
03:26 min When buying online, you have access to different types of ammo, including hard-to-find 10mm
03:06 min Smith & Wesson adds a camo design and a performance center model to their 15/22s
02:36 min The popular M1A, the civilian version of the M14, from Springfield Armory
04:44 min Mossberg introduces three lightweight modern rifles
01:00 min Whatever you choose to call this 9mm caliber, it offers less recoil, and is cheaper, than the .45.
00:30 min Have you heard of the Army Marksmanship Unit? What a great job to have in the army!
03:25 min An affordable, entry level competition 1911 pistol
03:58 min An entry-level modern sporting rifle and a tactical rifle from Smith & Wesson
03:36 min Ruger introduces their lightweight, do-all rifle
00:54 min Team Smith & Wesson's Julie Golob demonstrates the Plate Event at NRA Action Pistol competitions
03:18 min LaserLyte's rear sight and rail mount lasers for pistols and rifles
02:48 min Take a tour of the Nosler factory as ammunition is prepared and sent out
03:27 min The new EMP is a smaller version of the 1911, perfect for concealed carry
03:47 min LaserLyte has a variety of products to help you train safely at home
03:44 min XS Sights make your shotgun ideal in self-defense situations
04:42 min This new bolt-action rifle accepts AR-15 magazines
05:47 min For long distance shooting - the Sig Sauer Blaser Tac2
03:14 min For easy access to your handgun during the night, CrossBreed Holsters has designed the Bedside Backup
04:40 min Wes Doss from Crimson Trace talks about some advantages and techniques for using a laser grip and ways to practice with them.
02:38 min What does it mean and how does it affect your shooting?
05:31 min Shotguns are great for home defense - and Mossberg has a variety of them to choose from!
03:33 min The tri-slide holster for smaller revolvers allows for three different draw positions
00:56 min How old is too old?
03:38 min Ease and accessibility of the side mount laser from Laserlyte for the Ruger LCP and LC9
05:46 min Clint riffs on owning a gun for self defense.
02:52 min Everyone talks about 9mm vs. .45 and which to choose. Rob Leatham chimes in with his thoughts.
03:23 min Crimson Trace's modular foregrip for military and law enforcement - the MVF-600
03:05 min A variety of optics from Trijicon can customize a rifle for different needs
01:17 min A tip for concealing your firearm in case you take your cover garment off
01:29 min Why would you use a carbine instead of a pistol for self-defense? Gunsite instructor, Cory Trapp addresses this issue's pros and cons.
02:29 min Identify the threat with a laser and a 100 lumen mounted light system
07:05 min Jamey Skousen takes you through the building of a Liberty Safe safe, from start to finish
03:11 min Trijicon has a variety of optics and sights perfect for your home defense or hunting shotgun
04:37 min This Ruger rifle is both quick and easy to assemble and break down, and comes with its own carrying bag.
03:32 min Ryan shows 1911 carriers why they might also like the Springfield Armory XD-S.
03:01 min A true hunter's rifle, designed by John A. Nosler
03:08 min Alternates to the 12 gauge shotgun for home defense.
02:26 min Fun at the range and in the field, these .22 rifles are great for training
03:03 min The E-Tip bullets are lead free with high accuracy and long range capability
03:56 min A reliable, 25-round magazine made by Ruger for the 10/22 rifle
01:42 min Or should you just take it to a gunsmith? Rob Leatham gives his thoughts on working on your own gun.
02:04 min Rob Leatham shows how to properly field strip the new Springfield Armory XDS .45 ACP
03:38 min Whether you like to shoot shotguns, rifles, or handguns having a good trigger can make all the difference in your shooting. We'll show you how to check it and what it should feel like depending on the gun.
02:03 min For a new challenge with your AR, try long range shooting with Nosler's 77 grain .223 Custom Competition ammunition
03:24 min This 12-gauge pistol grip shotgun from Mossberg was designed with law enforcement in mind
04:36 min The Model 7 AR-15 rifle is perfect for hunting due to its versatility and accuracy.
04:12 min The new LG-408 Lasergrips from Crimson Trace with front activation
03:12 min The .338 Lapua is just one option for Nosler's custom hand-loaded ammo
04:49 min Aimpoint sights have been put to the test in real-world situations, and still work
03:38 min Not just for smaller weapons, but smaller waist sizes as well!
02:54 min Mossberg offers a variety of features on different rifles for all budgets
03:36 min XS Sight Systems introduces the XTI and the twist mount back up rear sight for your AR-15.
03:22 min Keith and Ryan give the Aimpoint CompM4s a rough time, and it still holds zero
02:57 min The Aimpoint Micro is a lightweight way to increase your accuracy using a shotgun
02:47 min This smaller magazine for the Springfield Armory XD-S allows you to carry more.
02:43 min Tiger McKee discusses the fundamentals of shooting
02:17 min For budget-conscious law enforcement agencies and individual officers
02:46 min The Varmint in .204 Ruger, and a shorter, more compact Predator, are bolt-action rifles that both use AR-15 style magazines.
01:03 min This 9mm is a perfect pocket pistol!
01:09 min Where should you aim and more importantly, why?
04:17 min This 725 is a departure from the other Citori models, offering a mechanical trigger and shallower receiver
03:28 min This micro sight is good for any sporting or hunting application
02:44 min Brand new shotgun from mossberg helped made by Patrick Flannigan
03:43 min Aimpoint offers up a variety of sights that are perfect for any hunting weapon
02:53 min The 9000SC sight allows you to maximize the capability of your hunting shotgun
04:23 min New lasers for the newest small guns, including the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and the Springfield Armory XDs .45.
01:19 min New design to the classic Mossberg 500
03:30 min This side mount LaserLyte fits all Taurus revolvers, including The Judge
05:07 min These Master Series Lasergrips offer a custom look to your 1911
01:17 min Out of the box, this longer-barreled XDm is ready for competition!
01:29 min This AR-15 from Sig Sauer works for many different people due to the collapsible stock and ambidextrous mag release
03:07 min Aimpoint's twist mount allows for quick and easy additions to your rifle, including a magnifier, night sight, iron sight and the CEU, a concealed engagement unit
01:32 min This small pistol is great for concealed carry due to its versatility between both smaller and larger full size magazines.
02:46 min Why the mossberg AR 22 or any 22 series is fun, sleek, and for all ages.
05:37 min A quick tutorial on light transmission and your scope - It's not what you might think!
01:38 min Testing the Springfield Armory XDS at further ranges than usual.
03:12 min The sleek new features of the Mossberg JM Pro Series
02:04 min One AA battery = 80,000 hours. Leave your Aimpoint CompM4s on all the time, and it's ready when you need it.
03:22 min The Crimson Trace Rail Master is super-versatile, and fits on any picatinny rail.
06:06 min PARA USA's Travis Tomasie discusses the benefits of using the 1911 pistol.
01:16 min Great things to know about the XDm 5.25" 45ACP competition series pistol.
03:04 min Leupold's VXR Patrol is perfect for 3 feet out to 500 yards, be it hunting big game or competing in 3Gun events.
02:48 min The effectiveness of a Remington 870 20 gauge shotgun.
02:43 min There are a few differences between the XD Sub-Compact, and the new XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact - like posi-wedge serrations, a slimmer frame, a different trigger guard, and the all-new "Grip Zone". The Mod.2 is available now in 9mm and .40 S&W.
06:02 min PARA USA's Expert Carry - a concealable 1911 option featuring a full-size frame, an 8 round magazine and a 3 inch slide.
02:10 min This gun comes with a holster, double-mag pouch, mag loader, cable lock, and two magazines: a 13+1 round mag and the extended 16+1 mag in the 9mm, and a 9+1 round mag and the extended 12+1 mag in the .40 S&W. The XD Mod.2 is ready to go when you buy it!
03:37 min PARA USA's unique double stack magazine for the 1911.
04:48 min PARA USA's Travis Tomasie shows off two 1911s - the Elite Pro and the Tomasie Custom.
02:07 min What is this new GripZone on the Mod.2? It's three zones of varying texture that will allow you to get a better grip on the gun, leading to better accuracy. The Mod.2 is available now in 9mm and .40 S&W.
05:47 min The Expert - built by hand, one at a time, at a value price.
02:43 min When it comes to concealable arms, the XD Mod.2 and the XD-S are great choices. Ryan examines a few of the similarities and differences in the two guns, including capacity, width, slide serrations, sights, and grip.