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02:49 min Cory Trapp of Gunsite answers a common question from interested shooters.
03:48 min Why does the Ruger No. 1 have such a special place in so many hearts?
01:53 min Two shots, one hole. Rob Leatham shoots a perfect double with a new XD right out of the box. Even Rob looks surprised!
08:30 min Rob Leatham from Springfield Armory describes the path he took to becoming a top competitive shooter.
03:40 min You HAVE to see this shot! Live on camera with the new bowsight from Trijicon.
01:14 min Ryan Gresham discusses why you should use wadcutters for target practice
01:22 min A message from Springfield Armory on customer service.
01:08 min Stop the madness.
00:57 min Lots of different ways to add to your M&P Pistol.
00:30 min Have you heard of the Army Marksmanship Unit? What a great job to have in the army!
02:48 min Take a tour of the Nosler factory as ammunition is prepared and sent out
06:05 min The final test of a Liberty Safe. We strap 4 sticks of dynamite to it. See if we got it open HERE!
03:23 min Crimson Trace's modular foregrip for military and law enforcement - the MVF-600
07:05 min Jamey Skousen takes you through the building of a Liberty Safe safe, from start to finish
05:02 min Always a popular gun, here are a few options for 38 Special revolvers from Clint Smith.
04:49 min Browning's been in the knife business for more then 50 years. Their latest line of tactical blades includes the Shadow Fax and the Perfect Storm.
03:48 min Why is competition shooting so popular?
03:28 min Smith & Wesson uses some of the most precise, high-tech machines to make the slides for their guns, giving you a very precise, well-made gun.
01:55 min Is it legal to have a gun in an 18 wheeler?