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Video Listings in Gunsmithing

01:30 min 5 Essentail AR-15 Tools.
01:30 min Tools for setting up your home workbench for gunsmithing.
03:13 min The guys from Brownells show us how to align the sights on a handgun to make sure you hit where you aim.
02:32 min Whether you're a gunsmith hobbyist or on an important hunt, these kits have virtually everything you need to fix your gun.
05:08 min A very cool accessory that can even improve your shooting is a muzzlebrake or flash suppressor. Here are some different options and how they attach to the gun.
02:32 min Changing the upper on your AR-15 allows you to shoot different calibers and makes the gun more versatile. Joe Bergeron from Smith & Wesson shows you how!
01:11 min Here's a simple way to figure the perfect height to mount your scope.
07:57 min The proper way to mount a scope from the Techs at Brownells.
02:49 min Replacing the rear sight on a rifle is not that hard if you follow these steps.
01:54 min How high should you mount the fixed sight on a rifle? The Brownells Techs show us how.