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04:42 min The Aimpoint Hunter Scope in zero magnification allows the hunter to move with the animal
03:57 min The Bindon Aiming Concept was developed to help shoot moving targets, multiple targets and much more. Trijicon's Curt Monnig shows us the how and why of this technique.
03:31 min With so many red dot sights out there, how do you choose? Here are some different models from Trijicon and the pros and cons of each.
01:06 min To use the Bindon Aiming Concept, can you use a Reflex, or Red Dot, sight?
03:32 min Aimpoint's Roger Bell discusses the benefits of keeping both eyes open while using an Aimpoint optic, especially when hunting
01:30 min The AR-15 is being used for many applications these days, including hunting, so why not put a hunting type scope on it?
03:08 min What is eye relief and how do you make sure you have your optic setup properly? Trijicon's Curt Monnig, discusses how he sets up his rifle for proper eye relief.
02:50 min Trijicon offers their Accupoint scopes for hunting applications, but they still feature the same illuminated reticle and many features of their combat style optics.
02:02 min We've used black crosshairs for so long. Why use an illuminated reticle?
02:00 min Using Aimpoint's Micro T-1 and 3x Mag together allow you to shoot a short barreled rifle from distances of 3 feet to 500 yards
05:30 min How to sight in your Trijicon ACOG and also how to use it as a ranging device when you don't have a range finder.
09:30 min Trijicon makes many different ACOG's, or Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights, here's a run down from the 1.5 power to the big bad 6 power.
03:44 min XS Sights make your shotgun ideal in self-defense situations
03:11 min Trijicon has a variety of optics and sights perfect for your home defense or hunting shotgun
04:49 min Aimpoint sights have been put to the test in real-world situations, and still work
03:00 min Your grip and stance may vary depending on what your situation. Here are a couple techniques for AR-15 shooting and the differences in the two styles.
03:36 min XS Sight Systems introduces the XTI and the twist mount back up rear sight for your AR-15.
03:22 min Keith and Ryan give the Aimpoint CompM4s a rough time, and it still holds zero
02:17 min For budget-conscious law enforcement agencies and individual officers
03:28 min This micro sight is good for any sporting or hunting application
03:43 min Aimpoint offers up a variety of sights that are perfect for any hunting weapon
02:53 min The 9000SC sight allows you to maximize the capability of your hunting shotgun
03:07 min Aimpoint's twist mount allows for quick and easy additions to your rifle, including a magnifier, night sight, iron sight and the CEU, a concealed engagement unit
01:58 min How to mount a rifle with an optic attached.
05:37 min A quick tutorial on light transmission and your scope - It's not what you might think!
03:04 min Leupold's VXR Patrol is perfect for 3 feet out to 500 yards, be it hunting big game or competing in 3Gun events.
02:49 min This new green laserguard from Crimson Trace is easy to see in daytime or night time.